Teacher Training

The teacher is the backbone of the school as the learning experience of students evolves through her/him. The teacher plays a vital role in helping the student learn how to learn, and in making learning meaningful, joyful and life-long. It is therefore imperative for the teacher to be a life- long learner and a reflective practitioner. The teacher training envisaged by ESS aims to support the teacher in this endeavor. With an expert team of certified teacher-educators, ESS provides professional development modules in developmental theories, learning theories, soft skills, methods/approaches of teaching, assessment, and ICT in Education. ESS also offers training in pre-school teaching methodology as well as in using its K-12 Solutions.


Provides a holistic learning experience to ensure effective classroom transaction as well as exposure to learning theories coupled with enriched activities

Provides opportunities to reflect and think critically about teaching and assessment practices

Equips teachers with a myriad of methodologies to enable effective transaction of the curriculum