LearnActiv Events

At the core of ESS solutions are LearnActiv learning events. The events are an in-depth investigation of real world issues and are an extension and application of topics taught in the classroom. These events are based on themes, topic or current happenings. Each event spans 2-4 hours and can be implemented during or post school hours. Created across grades, the topics are interdisciplinary and exploratory in nature. They thoroughly engage a ingrain a concept in the mind of a student with a mix of engaging content, observation and activities. The themes for the events are based around but not restricted to Mathematics, Life Science, Physical Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science and Space Science.


Facilitate lifelong learning by helping understand important concepts through application and experimentation

Cater to multiple intelligences and varied learning styles reaching out to each and every student

With a collaborative design, the events help improve essential life skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving etc